Resorts in Maldives

Resorts in Maldives

The resorts in the Maldives are confined to its very own private island; these little coral islands are surrounded by excellent diving, snorkeling, white sand beaches and are filled with friendly staff whose sole purpose is to cater for your needs. Blessed with amazingly colourful coral reefs, the resort islands in Maldives also promise some of the world's best beaches that really will take your breath away.

For your Maldives hotel you have the choice of beach villas, luxury water bungalows, Jacuzzi beach villas and plenty more to make your island retreat a true paradise holiday in this truly amazing destination.


The sandy white Beaches...
Maldives Resort Beach Sandy white beach in maldives A Maldivian beach

No holiday in the Maldives is complete without the beach experience and the resort islands in the Maldives come with its own stretch of private beaches accessible from your villas directly. Since only the guests form the resort can laze around in the beaches, the beaches are not crowded and are kept very clean and unspoilt in nature. For the newlyweds most resorts offer the chance to have a candle lit dinner right in the beach with just you, your lover and the sea with the waves lapping gently singing the an eternal song filled with nothing but romance.


Types of accomodation in Maldives resorts

In Maldives the nature is conserved, no accommodation rises above the palm trees of its island, in fact the vast majority of the resorts have single storey rooms with nothing above them. Most of the accommodation types can be categorised into two types; Beach Bungalows (also called Beach Villas) and Water Bungalows (also known as Water Villas). You are expected to be surrounded by beauty and nature where ever you choose to be in Maldives.

In choosing your room type its wise to consider the proximities of some places you will be visiting daily like your favourite restaurant in the island or bar. Have a look at the resort map if available and read the resort reviews and guest comments here and elsewhere.

Some villas and suites are specially designed and each equipped with its own extra bit of luxury like watching the sunrise right from your bed!


Beach Villas

Maldives Beach Villa Hideaway Beach Villa in Maldives Beach Villa

Beach Villas are lined around the outside of the resort island facing out to sea with the beach just a few steps away. In some resorts the villas are specially positioned specifically for watching sunset or sunrise right from the comfort of your veranda or even right from your bed!

Most beach villas in Maldives will offer an excellent view of the beach and the blue lagoon from your window or veranda and stepping out onto the sand right from your room is surely a wonderful feeling.


Water Villas

Water Villas in Maldives Water Villa Luxury Water Villa in Maldives

The key attraction to the water villas is their veranda and the surrounding blue lagoon. Most water villas are in built in lines to maximize your privacy, so that you don’t see more than one neighbour either side of you, and in some case it is well done enough not to see anyone giving you complete privacy.

Ideally you can walk down the wooden steps from your veranda into a sunlit lagoon that is a good depth for swimming and standing around in, say waist to chest deep. The bottom is softest sand with coral blocks are here and there attracting colorful marine life.


Other room types

Some resorts have ‘garden villas’', which are not on the beach but somewhere in the middle of the island covered in lush tropical vegetation. These villas are often very spacious with their own spacious garden and intimate coral beach front, offering unbeatable seclusion and second-to-none privacy.



Guests in the Maldives are tempted with a variety of culinary delights. From healthy to hearty, Italian to Chinese, and casual to elegant, our full-service restaurants and dining options cater to every taste – and every time-frame.

All resorts have at least one main restaurant while others boast five to six restaurants offering you with virtually anything you may want to order round the clock.

Traditional Maldivian food

As an island nation, the Maldives are best known for bountiful fresh seafood. Red snapper and char-grilled king prawns taste all the better when enjoyed on a candle-lit private beach or in an intimate dining room built over the glimmering ocean. Local specialties are creamy and spicy curries, such as miruhulee boava -- octopus, chili, and curry leaves served with rice.


Holiday activities and things to do

A holiday in the Maldives is mainly quiet and low key and there actually won’t be much nightlife in the resorts apart from live music shows and DJ’s organised by the hotel. You can enjoy beach barbecues, sipping cocktails at sunset and the gentle rhythms of local music.

Variety of water sports, surfing, swimming, snorkelling and diving activities are one of the top things to do in a Maldives holiday.

For those who feel the need to break away from the boundaries of the hotel, the resorts offer activities outside the hotel such as visiting nearby resorts to wine and dine, island hopping to nearby villages and a visit to the capital city Male’ to pick up some local crafts and souvenirs or visit one of the many historical sites including the old Friday Mosque or the National museum and the chance to do some local shopping for souvenirs.

Other outdoor activities like big game fishing, sunset/sunrise fishing, and island excursions will keep you engaged throughout the day.


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