Fishing Tours in Maldives

Fishing Tours in Maldives

Ever thought of grilling the fish you caught yourself? The warm tropical waters surrounding the beautiful Maldives archipelago are teeming with marine life makes it an excellent fishing destination. The species of fish you catch will depend on your choice of tour and the time of day. There’s surely nothing like the taste of grilled, freshly caught fish, especially if you have caught it yourself. Big game fish maybe subject to the ‘tag and release’ policy, so make sure you take your camera out and capture the memories instead!

You may prefer to take a night fishing tour, which often provides more excitement and adventure as you sail out into the darkness after witnessing a breathtaking sunset. Relax and enjoy the stillness of the ocean at night, whilst watching the stars and moon shining brightly above you. Your boat will anchor at one of the many Maldives Atolls, and lines can then be dropped over the edge into the reef waters.

The majority of fish will be asleep at night, but certain species such as emperors, jacks, squirrel fish, groupers, snappers and other reef fishes are likely to be caught at this time. Bait fish, weights, lines and hooks are all provided on the trip, and well-trained and experienced staff will accompany you on the journey, answering any questions you may have and ensuring you have plenty of fun. This unforgettable trip is a must for fishing enthusiasts.


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